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Pinch valve is a Seatless and Glandless valve. Pinch valve is a modified version of laboratory pinch cock. A rubber sleeve/ rubber muff is protected under a cast iron casting. The fluid passing through do not come in contact with either body covering or any other metal parts of the valve except the rubber sleeve / rubber muff. Hence the body and other metal parts are almost permanently not subjected to the corrosive action of the fluid. The flow through the valve is straight and full as that of a pipeline, when the valve is fully open. Further, the collar of the sleeve eliminates gasket. The valve is simple hand wheel operated of rising wheel type. Therefore the operation of the valve is just simple as other wheel operated valve. The in-between stoppage will allow the desired throttling. Thus the valve offers positive control over flowing media and gives 100% shut off. Pneumatically operated Pinch valves are also available.

HEART OF THE VALVE : Rubber sleeves are available in Natural, Neoprene, Butyl, Hypolon, EPDM, SBR or blends to suit service.

APPLICATION : Pinch valve finds its best application in handling effluent, sludge, corrosive slurry, abrasive media, liquid with solid suspensions and many others which are difficult to handle with seat valve.

RANGE : The flange of the pinch valve can be supplied in accordance to BS, DIN, ASA & IS dimensions. The range for the valve is from 15 mm TO 300 mm, above 300mm can be manufactured on request.

ACTUATION : The valve can be supplied with Electrical and pneumatic actuation also.


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